Bugle Boy Armory
Firearms Sale

The Bugle Boy Firearms Sale has begun! One of our clients wishes to sell his collection of firearms; we offer the following selection for your consideration. All are available for purchase now.

BBES holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and strictly follows ATF regulations regarding firearm sales. PLease see below for purchasing procedures.

CAI Georgia MAK PA63 Pistol

9 mm


Kel-Tec Luger PF-9 Pistol

9 mm


Smith & Wesson SD40 VE Pistol

9 mm


Cimarron Pistolero Revolver


Heritage MFG Rough Rider

.22 Revolver


DPMS/Panther Arms A-15 Rifle



Henry Repeater Rifle



Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

12 Ga


Mossberg Maverick Model 88

12 Ga Shotgun


More information on this sale is posted on our listing on EstateSales.net. The official sale is in January 2023 ... but each weapon is available for purchase now.

Terms: Cash and Credit Cards accepted.

We collect sales tax on all transactions; Tax exempt patrons will be given state form 00-985 Assignment of the Right of Refund and instructions for claiming a sales tax refund from the Comptroller.

Bugle Boy Estate Sales holds a Federal Firearms License and strictly follows all ATF regulations regarding the sale of firearms. See Sale Description below for more details on the process.

All sales are final.

Bugle Boy Estate Sales Firearms Purchasing Procedures

1. Buyer must be a Texas resident and 21 years of age or older.

2. Buyer presents a valid government issued identification card. BBES accepts the following:

  • Texas Driver’s License

  • Texas Identification Card, or,

  • Texas LTC

3. Buyer purchases firearm and pays a non-refundable background check (NICS) fee of $20. Individuals with a valid Texas LTC are exempt from this requirement per ATF.

4. Buyer and BBES complete ATF Form 4473.

5. Buyer passes background check. If the buyer does not pass NICS check, buyer will be refunded full purchase price of the firearm, less the NICS fee.

6. Pick up firearm at BBES office after the sale, located near Frankford and Midway (just south of George Bush Tollway).